My name is Or Peter, In the last decade I've had the pleasure of wearing several hats; as a graphic designer, a visual artist and an art educator.



Artist statement:

In my art I examine the different facets of my identity

by observing the hidden context and history that sexual identities

and political structures provide. While my art is diverse in terms of the

media I employ, I am particularly drawn to performance and installation.


For me, masking my appearance is a path to self-expression that allows me to discern my moral, political and philosophical standpoint. I often try to deconstruct patterns of masculine myths and other sexual attributes and tropes.

In general, I feel that the optimal conditions for me to produce are outside the white studio walls, experiencing different interactions in which I am stimulated and can re-examine my social and political perspective. In this sense, I see my practice as an art teacher as an important part of the artistic process itself.

In my art I also try to raise questions that are considered taboo, such as sexual relations in the family, and look at the ways art is received and perceived when it has a political import. Most specifically, In the last year I have explored what triggers ignite the censorship of art in Israel, and wrote about the attempts to limit and censor art in Israeli society and created an archive of those attempts which I find pertinent to my artistic endeavor.




2019               America-Israeli Cultural foundation,

2019               AICF graduate fellowship award

2019               Hamidrasha, Beit Berl,

2019               Excellency scholarship



2021                Subculture, LGBTQ Center, Tel Aviv

2020                Merkazit 1, Pyramida Art Center, Haifa

                        Domestic violence, Municipal Art Gallery, Afula

2019                Broken spaces, Tapir Gallery, Berlin

                        Mannequins and puppets, LoosenArt Gallery at Millepiani, Rome

                        Distorted Messages, Alfred Cooperative institute for art & culture, Tel Aviv

                        Masculine myths, Graduation Exhibition, Hamidrasha, Beit Berl​

                        Common Camp 2, HaYarkon 19 Gallery, Tel Aviv

2018                Common Camp, HaYarkon 19 Gallery, Tel Aviv

2017                Video event, OzenBar, Tel Aviv


2021        Graphic design studies with UX UI expertise
                 HackerU College, Ramat Gan

2019         B.Ed.F.A Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts & Education                  
                 Hamidrasha Faculty of Arts, Beit Berl College

2018         Erasmus + Semester Exchange Program
                 Breitner, Amsterdam University of the Arts, Amsterdam

2015         3D animation studies
                 Israel Animation College​​, Tel Aviv


2019               Takt Organization, Leipzig


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