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My art is a reflection of my exploration of identity, both personal and political. Through my work, I examine the hidden contexts and histories that inform our sexual identities and political structures. I employ a variety of media, but I am particularly drawn to performance and drag as a means of self-expression and a tool for deconstructing patterns of masculinity and other sexual attributes and tropes.

To create optimal conditions for my artistic process, I seek experiences outside of traditional white studio walls. It is in these moments of interaction and stimulation that I can best re-examine my social and political perspectives. As an art teacher, I view my practice as an integral part of my artistic process.

Through my art, I aim to challenge taboos and raise questions that are often overlooked or dismissed. I have created an archive of attempts to censor art in Israel, which serves as an important reference point for my artistic endeavors.

Overall, my art is a constant exploration of identity, sexuality, and politics. By raising questions and challenging assumptions, I hope to contribute to a more nuanced and thoughtful understanding of the world around us.

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