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Semmelweis  klinik!

I'm Or Peter

as a visual artist I mostly make
performances & installations

I'd like to come to Vienna
to make you ask yourself: what is nudity?

I'm a good friend of a member of your community, Linsey

I mostly create art outside the white studio walls

with the community, for the community. So this residency sounds like a perfect fit.

what I offer:

An interactive drawing lesson performances that explore the  intersections of digital media, drag, and kink culture, aiming to subvert traditional gender  roles and raise awareness about issues related to queer rights, gender equality, and social  justice more broadly. These performances will be political in nature, incorporating elements  of political commentary and social critique.



As an Israeli artist, I'm keen to give a talk that delves into the complex world of art censorship in Israel. I will explore how political art is received and perceived in Israeli society,  and what triggers censorship of such art. Through this talk, I will share with you an archive I  created of attempts to limit and censor art in Israel, which I find relevant to my own artistic  endeavours. By raising awareness of these issues and highlighting the need for greater  artistic freedom and inclusivity, I hope to inspire others to join me in the ongoing struggle for  social justice. 

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-14 at 00.21.16.jpeg

Linsey and I in 2017

2. workshop: 
exploring the similarities between digital  screens and masks, giving participants the chance to create their own masks while  reflecting on society's reliance to screens and the ways in which our online identities can  conceal and reveal aspects of our true selves. This workshop will be a space for  experimentation, play, and critical reflection, providing participants with the opportunity to  explore new forms of self-expression while engaging in meaningful dialogue with other  members of the community. 

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